SmartCluster: Create safe communications systems while using a public network

SmartClusterSmartCluster provides solutions for applications where you need to connect devices connected via local area networks (LAN), and a router, which provides communication with the local area network (LAN), and does not have (cannot have or it is not desirable) a public internet IP address.

SmartCluster is an OpenVPN server, which offers three functions for the creation of safe private networks in a public environment:

  1. As an OpenVPN server it connects clients (B+B routers and end user computers) via the OpenVPN tunnel. It creates communication links between individual tunnels and thereby enables individual devices, which are behind the various tunnels (B+B routers) connected via local area networks (LAN), to communicate with each other.
  2. Based on the user-defined network configuration and connection parameters of VPN tunnels, SmartCluster creates a configuration file for B+B routers. During the configuration process SmartCluster also creates secure certificates for both sides of the secured OpenVPN tunnel, therefore, the user can install individual B+B routers easily into the virtual private network, including a complete security system against attacks or unauthorized access to individual local networks.
  3. SmartCluster also informs the user about the connection status of individual routers, so it is also used as an instrument for basic network management.

With SmartCluster you do not have to deal with issues relevant to the assignment of fixed public IP addresses, or private APNs (Access Point Name) by the GSM / UMTS network provider.

SmartCluster also provides a solution to the problem of how to connect devices which are behind routers with SIM cards belonging to the various GSM/UMTS operators. This is also for devices that are located in various countries and use local tariffs without a roaming service, but also use the SmartCluster communication server.

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