Network Infrastructure

Hardwired For Reliability

Industrial networks are tough places. Regardless of the topology, today’s wired Ethernet constellations move data from the messy and complicated network edge to the hands of decision-makers and back again. In between are potential roadblocks, such as extreme temperatures, noise, vibration and hazardous conditions.

At B+B SmartWorx, we offer a full line of innovative products for managing, operating and monitoring every layer of your infrastructure. Our technology not only gets the job done, it does so without compromising speed, security or efficiency. That means your network, and your business, operate at full speed.

Ethernet Switches and Extenders

Unlike Ethernet hubs, which broadcast every data packet received to every available port, all network switches reduce network traffic by forwarding data packets to the correct destinations only. As networks grow and traffic increases, managed and unmanaged switches have become increasingly vital components in network infrastructure. B+B designs and builds award-winning switches that will help you keep your network traffic travelling in the right direction.

Management Software

B+B SmartWorx’s powerful software takes network management to new heights, saving you time and money and reducing headaches and potential errors. If limited system monitoring and remote diagnostics, complicated interfaces and time-consuming deployments are slowing you down, our software can help by maximizing the potential of your network while making everyone’s job easier.

Wired Ethernet Routers

Supporting a variety of hardware configurations, B+B SmartWorx Ethernet Routers offer advanced networking, diagnostics, VPN support, firewall and more. Easy remote management and diagnostic tools, along with the Open Linux OS platform, offer solid options for application networking.