Smart Hardware

The versatility of industrial cellular applications requires hardware that is fit for purpose. Your purpose. B+B SmartWorx offers a comprehensive selection of routers and gateways designed and built in the European Union with the right data speeds, the right interfaces and the rugged specifications required.


The SmartStart™ LTE family of cellular routers and gateways are the perfect way to connect RS-232 and Ethernet devices to a cellular network. Industrial M2M and IoT applications include Ethernet lottery machines, ATM stations, kiosk locations, gaming terminals along with RS-232 traffic controllers, meters, UPS systems, PLCs and much more.


The SmartFlex LTE router provides secure Internet connectivity for devices and LANs via cellular networks. It can be used to provide automatic wireless failover for wired networks, wireless connectivity for devices in remote locations where cable connections are impractical and wireless connectivity for mobile assets.


For our European customers, the SmartMotion router offers twin, interdependent cellular modules with two SIM slots each to support multiple cell carriers. Mission critical business continuity is never a problem with SmartMotion’s advanced failover architecture and Load Balancing feature which simultaneously receives Cellular, WiFi and Ethernet data.

UR5iv2 Libratum

Special Interest Routers

For customers outside of North America, our V2 routers continue to provide exceptional performance at a great value.

Intelligent Gateways

Gateways have specialized, pre-built functionality, such as the SmartSwarm 351 Modbus IoT Gateway that translates SCADA protocols to IT in real-time without disrupting, interrupting or re-configuring your existing networks. The SmartSwarm 341/342 Integration Gateway enables owners, operators and integrators of remote assets to integrate data from an asset into IIoT applications, such as dashboarding, analytics or predictive maintenance.

Looking for some fast answers?

If you just want to skip the browsing/hunting and need someone to direct you to the exact switch you need, our techs are happy to help. They can also answer any questions you have about Cellular Routers and Gateways. Let us know how to get in touch and we’ll take care of the rest.