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No one is an expert in every aspect of IoT, and no one can do it alone. Networks may use fiber, copper or wireless connections. Individual devices may be anything from remote network gateways to Ethernet switches. IoT software may be tasked to handle anything from protocol conversion to data analytics, and all of these different pieces must work together seamlessly. Creating IoT solutions calls for teamwork and cooperation between experts in many different fields.

That’s why Advantech B+B Smartworx is passionate about collaborating with our strong ecosystem of technology partners. By working together we leverage our collective expertise, and we deliver comprehensive IoT solutions that provide customers with practical, cost-effective answers that let them achieve their goals.

From the asset to the analytics, Advantech B+B Smartworx and our technology partners deliver the optimised connectivity performance that makes IoT a reality.

Connected Intelligence Partner Program

Working Smarter. Working Together.


Looking for help with identifying the right B+B products and solutions for your applications?

Our authorized distributor network is very busy doing much more than just selling.
Our distributor partners offer exceptional knowledge and service that helps you with the design, implementation and support of your connected intelligence investments. The solid collaboration and shared commitment between our sales offices and distributors enables simple access to integrated supply, product aggregation and increased networking sophistication leaving you free to focus on your core business objectives.

Systems Integrators

Need help with engineering, development and/or commissioning?

Our global, industry leading Systems Integrators’ are experts at pulling it all together.
B+B systems integrators offer extensive experience in the engineering, implementation and project management of highly sophisticated networking applications and architectures. From initial engineering design and consultation through development, commissioning and support, they provide custom connected intelligence solutions that lower your risk, increase your ROI and accelerate your time-to-revenue.

Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Need to enhance or extend the range of B+B product capabilities or applications?

Our global network of VARs’ provides both the collaboration and technology that can drive that competitive edge you’ve been looking for.
Our VAR partners develop easily integrated, scalable application solutions that leverage B+B technology based on their key areas of industry expertise. Through close collaboration, access to senior technical support personnel and product innovations, we empower our VAR partners to deliver solutions that can increase your business agility.

Ecosystem Partners

Is finding the right Ecosystem Partner critical to the success of your business?

The industry leading companies that we’ve aligned with are credited with some of the most innovative technologies and solutions in their focused industries.
Connecting with like-minded technology trailblazers can help you provide the strongest technological, competitive and strategic advantages for your business. Together, our focus is on extending the capabilities of our combined technologies to provide broad, highly valued solutions for customers in areas of strategic importance to the global market.


The primary backbone for transmitting and distributing global communications.

These Carrier Networks and MVNOs have entrusted B+B to support their mission critical communications systems.
Ethernet connectivity is one of the most significant disruptive innovations of our generation and there is no end in sight to the impact of its capabilities. Together with our global partners, we are focused on our path of innovation to challenge and extend these capabilities to bring you the best solutions possible.

Become A Connected Intelligence Partner

What People are Saying About the Connected Intelligence Partner Program ….

“Rather than trying to become a vertical service provider itself, which can turn partners into competitors, B+B is smart to focus on its pedigree and core connectivity competence and recognize that an ecosystem of partners, leveraging each other’s core expertise, brings the most value to the end user. B+B’s technology roadmap is impressive, positioning the company as an emerging leader in what Harbor Research calls the ‘enablement hardware’ slice of the industrial IoT pie, a category we project will grow from $16.2B today to $43.8B by 2020.”
— Glen Allmendinger, founder and president of Harbor Research

“We’ve aligned with companies who are credited with some of the most innovative technologies and solutions in their industries. Together, our focus is on extending the capabilities of our combined technologies to provide broad solutions for customers in areas of strategic importance to the global market.”
— Jerry O’Gorman, B+B SmartWorx, CEO

“We are excited that ThingWorx® technology will be a core aspect of the B+B SmartWorx Connected Intelligence Ecosystem. The age of the IoT is upon us and working with forward thinking companies such as B+B SmartWorx enables us to deploy our leading technology so that customers can profit from complete, end-to-end solutions.”
— Chris Kuntz, vice president, ecosystem programs, ThingWorx

“I applaud B+B SmartWorx bold entry into the IoT Marketplace as a deviceWISE Ready partner. Our two companies share a common strategy of providing robust solutions with Intelligence at the Edge as well as a proven track record with enterprise customers within the industrial market. Our strategic and technical alignment and our global reach will provide customers an enterprise ready, fast time to value IoT experience.”
— Fred Yentz, CEO ILS Technology, a Telit Company

“The IoT has a huge opportunity to connect non-consumer devices to the cloud to collect and share data making factories, automobiles, buildings and cities more intelligent. B+B SmartWorx complements our portfolio of software system solutions for IoT.”
— Stefan Vaillant, CTO of Cumulocity

“IoT is the hottest topic in IT circles as customers look to connect assets they’ve never connected before and make real time decisions based on data collected from the coalface of their business. Using B+B SmartWorx Wzzard Sensing Platform gives our customers easy access to information and data that they’ve never had access to before.”
— Paul Glynn, CEO of Davra Networks

“This ecosystem has the potential to bring industrial process control to a whole new level. Combining the B+B SmartWorx platform with Skkynet’s Secure Cloud Service means remote devices in any location can now connect directly and securely to the cloud, enabling real-time monitoring, control, networking, and big data collection at a far lower TCO than previously thought possible.”
— Paul Thomas, President of Skkynet

“Enterprise-Grade applications require a robust edge computing infrastructure such as B+B is providing with Wzzard.”
— Filippo Murroni, CEO of PLAT.ONE, the first Enterprise-Grade application platform

You’ll find Advantech B+B SmartWorx products globally through our extensive network of qualified Distributors and Channel Partners. This global network of distributors helps ensure fast, comprehensive and local customer service and support.

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