Industrial USB

B+B SmartWorx® Industrial USB

USB was intended to connect mild-mannered home and office devices like printers, keyboards, media players, cameras and external disk drives. When used in industry, even some of USB’s best features – paradoxically – become problems…

  • Those easy-to-use USB cables can wiggle loose. That not only produces downtime and data loss, but USB’s 5 VDC power, so convenient for powering and charging peripherals, can also cause arcing and fire.
  • USB makes it easy to connect all sorts of devices. But when connected devices get their power from different building ground references, as is quite common in industrial environments, the USB cable’s ground wire can create a ground loop path.
  • USB has a range limitation of five meters, or 30 meters when using hubs. That’s quite serviceable in office environments, but not particularly useful elsewhere.

Our High-Retention Ports Grip USB Cables Tight

All of these problems have been addressed and solved. With the right USB equipment you can use USB safely just about anywhere.

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