Industrial Wireless

Give Virtually Any Serial Device Wireless Capabilities.

Better Yet — Why Not Make It a Network Node?

Serial devices may not be designed for wireless connectivity, but B+B can give them that capability just the same. Where simple point to point connectivity is the only requirement, we can connect your serial and I/0 devices with long range radio modems. But we can also give your serial equipment wireless Ethernet connections, turning every device into an Ethernet network node.

B+B SmartWorx® Airborne M2M

Wi-Fi Wherever You Need It

B+B’s Airborne routers and bridges connect to serial ports, convert the serial data for use on Ethernet networks, and connect to the network via Wi-Fi. The serial device needn’t change any of its habits, but suddenly it’s a network node.

Airborne technology can also give a serial device its own Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing techs to connect with handheld devices like tablets, smartphone and laptops.

Airborne not only makes serial devices network aware, it makes them mobile. Whether your device resides on a medical cart in a hospital ward or on a forklift in a busy warehouse, B+B will help it stay in touch with the network wherever the wheels may roll.

Wireless Serial Connectivity at up to 64km – No Strings (or Cables) Attached.

Sometimes there’s a need for a point to point connection between serial or Modbus devices, but there are inconvenient barriers in between, like rivers or highways. Sometimes the issue is wire replacement; the device needs to be placed at the end of an extremely long warehouse, or in a location that makes cabling problematic. B+B’s line of industrial wireless radio modems connect serial devices both indoors and out, enabling applications like remote monitoring, SCADA, and remote telemetry.

Our indoor models are designed and built to withstand tough industrial conditions. Our outdoor models are built to fend off the ravages of Mother Nature as well. B+B’s industrial radio modems can provide connectivity at line of sight ranges of up to 64 km, depending upon what’s blocking the view. That’s an awful lot of cable replacement.

Z-Linx RF Modems