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A Switch is Just a Switch, Right?

With some vendors, that may be true, but not B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech. When it comes to network design infrastructure, our breakthrough software eliminates words like “challenging” and “time-consuming” from your team’s vocabulary.

A smart solution starts with smart products. B+B SmartWorx embeds intelligence inside hardware devices for intuitive deployment and maintenance. Smart Network Management with WebAccess/NMS delivers superior integration and interoperability. IXM Technology software cuts deployment time from hours to minutes, saving you money and reducing potential errors. What you’re able to do with the software makes all the difference!

IXM Technology

You’ll discover that every managed switch from B+B SmartWorx comes preloaded with a minimum supply of awesome right out of the box. We call this built-in intelligence IXM. You’ll quickly discover why it’s an intelligent way to deploy and manage network devices.


With massive amounts of data constantly flowing from objects and sensors, managing IoT networks can be challenging on a good day. WebAccess/NMS, our cloud-based network management software, is the answer. Beyond powerful functions, such as the ability to diagram your whole network topology, you can use it to manage switches from B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech and other brands.

Stop wasting time and money

With IXM Technology, Configuration, IP Assignment, Firmware Upgrades & Software Upgrades can be done in minutes — no matter how many devices are in the network. No wasting time. No need to train extra personnel.

Management at your fingertips

WebAccess/NMS is a smarter tool for building your intelligent control and monitoring systems, improving deployment and management effectiveness

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WebAccess/NMS is a smarter tool for building your intelligent control and monitoring systems and improving deployment and management effectiveness. While other network management software tools make it difficult to integrate more than one brand of switch, WebAccess/NMS plays well with other brands.

You can manage your entire network and take advantage of a lower-cost switch without sacrificing functionality and management ease. WebAccess/NMS is designed to meet today’s challenging operations and maintenance needs.


  • On-premises version for server installation
  • One-time charge (based on device node quantity); no future upgrade or maintenance cost
  • Hierarchical architecture enables scaling up to 4,000 nodes
  • Cross-browser, cross-platform based on HTML5
  • Google Maps and GPS location tracking integration
  • Automatically discovers and diagrams network topology
  • Supports all Advantech IP-based devices and the extension of third-party devices
  • Dynamic Connectivity Indication (PoE, ring, wireless and cellular)
  • Logical Topology View (IGMP, VLAN, VCOM and USDG)
  • Advanced NMS Function (remote desktop, remote configuration, alarm playback)

IXM Technology

If your team is bogged down by performing configuration, IP assignment, firmware upgrades and software upgrades one device at a time, we feel your pain! That’s why IXM software comes embedded in every one of our EKI managed switches. Imagine if all these time-consuming tasks could be handled on a large network in five minutes or less —without having to install any additional software?

With IXM, the power to save time, cut costs and prevent human error comes standard in our managed switches. It’s an enhanced and efficient way of managing industrial networks.


  • Assign a fixed range of IP addresses to many devices at the same time
  • Upgrade firmware and software across all your devices with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Simultaneously copy the same switch configuration across multiple switches
  • Push configuration settings for individual or groups of switches via an easy-to-use Web GUI

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