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Every network has its own topology and its own mix of data networking technologies. Where to place isolation depends upon each network’s unique needs. There may be places where a standalone, inline isolator is the perfect choice. In a tightly crowded panel it may be necessary to use switches and hubs with built in isolation. In particularly extreme environments it may be useful to deploy devices with built in triple isolation.

Like isolation, surge suppression should be installed at appropriate locations around the network. Suppressors can protect either power or data lines, but they are most effective when used as a first line of defense on power supply lines.

Together, surge suppression and isolation protect your network from downtime, data loss and the destruction of valuable equipment. They are well worth the investment.

Isolators work by converting an electrical data signal into light or a magnetic field. The physical gap that is created stops the transient current. Triple isolation extends isolation to each data port as well as the power supply, insuring a completely isolated system. This cuts off all available pathways for transient surges and ground loops.

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Isolators and Repeaters
Surge Suppression

Suppression equipment is designed to suppress and dissipate a surge it before it reaches critical components, like a dam that stops a large wave and slowly lets it out through the spillway. But suppressors typically only protect power lines – not data lines or ports. Learning this can be expensive.

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