Input or Output, and Other Confusing Things About RS-232

I just got off a tech call with a customer that was as confused as confused can be. All over what I thought was a simple RS-232 concept. Thinking about it now, RS-232 is actually not that intuitive or easy. For someone that grew up on the modern convenience of Ethernet, I guess RS-232 can be just plain complicated. First off, we got this thing called a DTE or a DCE. Not so simply put, these are types of equipment – Data Terminal or Data Communications Equipment to be precise.  A DTE......

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Mike Fahrion

Mike FahrionFor 20 years, Mike Fahrion has been sharing his unique perspective on life, liberty and the pursuit of anything and everything of interest to an engineer. A master of M2M device connectivity, Mike has an insatiable curiosity in how everything is connected;  people and places, machines and man, politicians and reality. He loves left field (he spends a lot of time there) – but you’ll find him funny, irreverent, thought provoking and always connected.

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Tim Taberner

Tim Taberner is a frequent speaker and widely-published author on IoT topics, having been involved in this space since before the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ was coined. Previously, Taberner has held engineering, sales and marketing positions at Transmitton, Arcom Control Systems, and most recently at Eurotech.

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Brian FosterBrian Foster

Brian Foster is new to blogging but definitely not new to talking about legacy devices and data connectivity. A former career submariner and Navy man, Brian brings an extremely organized mind, a willingness to work in a very small office, and a love of acronyms to his work. Check in with him and weigh in on what you think matters. Feel free to congratulate him on the 10 straight Navy wins in the annual Army/Navy game

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