Streamer InTelematix

The Telematics Challenge

B+B simplifies telematics for fleet managers and software developers by translating and organizing OBDII data from more than 56,000 different vehicle makes and models, and by resolving their communications issues. In an industry that lacks standardization, where enhanced parameters may not seem work as published and certain vehicles may be unable to cooperate with every OBDII command, Streamer InTelematix identifies and understands all of the competing protocols and parameters. Streamer InTelematix ensures that vehicles can communicate clearly, accurately and in a timely fashion.

Streamer InTelematix

Your All-In-One Solution

Streamer InTelematix does this by employing B+B’s proprietary Advanced Diagnostics Algorithms and by accessing the industry’s largest field-tested database of North American OEM light and medium duty vehicles, dating from 1996 to the present.

As a single, on-board diagnostics solution, Streamer InTelematix is easy to deploy and easy to use. Streamer InTelematix maximizes the quality and the clarity of the conversation between vehicles and fleet managers, giving the fleet managers greater value as well as a competitive edge.

That’s connected intelligence.

Key Benefits

Improved Safety

Real-Time Monitoring

Decreased Fuel Usage & Loss

Reduced Downtime

Cost Savings

Key Features

Support for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles are available. The Streamer InTelematix supports both light and medium-duty vehicles (Streamer RS-232) and (Embedded Software solution). The HDV100A3 supports the heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Withstands Harsh Vehicle Environments
  • Wide Operating Temperature (-40 to 85º C)
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant
  • Field Upgradeable (Over the air and connected to hardware communication port)
  • Power Options for External Device (Streamer InTelematics RS-232)
  • HDV100A3 supports J1939 & J1708

Seamless Integration

Each Streamer InTelematix converter box connects to vehicles using an OBDII cable, which is available in multiple form factors. Streamer RS-232 connects to an onboard computer, while the heavy duty converter is equipped with a human-machine interface. With in-house engineering and onsite manufacturing capabilities, Advantech B+B SmartWorx can customize Streamer InTelematix for unique applications.

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