Webinar: Network Trends Providing Strategic Infrastructure for Meaningful Advances in Smart Cities and Transportation

High automobile usage, congested cities, growing populations, increased data traffic—along with a steadfast commitment to public safety—continually present challenges for cities across the United States. To meet these challenges and improve city services, we need to explore feasible Internet of Things initiatives. But to make these initiatives a reality with intelligent infrastructure, it all starts and ends with one thing: a reliable and rugged network.

Do you know how to realize your vision to become more sustainable through IoT solutions? Do you know current network trends taking intelligent city systems where they need to be?

In this on-demand webinar, join Ken Kao, director of ITS and networking solutions for B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech, as he walks you through how municipalities or transportation departments can implement smart city infrastructure initiatives with network management solutions in the field. He’ll also discuss what we can expect from the future of this growing industry. Kao will review real-life examples of networking hardware in action in various smart city applications, as well as demo how new technology can simplify your network management.

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