Is your fleet telling you the whole story? Vehicles have a lot to say, but taking full advantage of on-board diagnostic systems (OBDII) data can be challenging on a good day. Thanks to telematics solutions from Advantech B+B SmartWorx, conversations with your fleet are about to shift into high gear. With more than 400,000 units deployed, our Streamer InTelematix solution is unlocking the intelligence inside vehicles of all types, normalizing complex OEM OBDII data for host communications. Streamer InTelematix integrates into fleets easily and seamlessly, offering more control, boosting efficiency and providing the opportunity to lower costs significantly.

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B+B SmartWorx® Streamer InTelematix

Streamer InTelematix

Streamer InTelematix is a single on-board diagnostics hardware or embedded software solution that supports the largest database of North American OEM light and medium duty vehicles from 1996 to present.