Device Connectivity

With over 3,000,000 devices connected worldwide, we understand your data networking challenges. We design, build and deliver secure connectivity products engineered for rugged and demanding environments.

Floor Manager

You have equipment from the 1980s. You have business objectives for the 2020s. How do you maximize M2M? How do you optimize your assets? How can you merge the future, the past and the present for the Industrial Internet of Things? It all starts with a simple concept: Connect everything.

There are a lot of pieces in a network. Some of them include a serial connection, some have USB, some are Ethernet enabled, while others include proprietary protocols. M2M Communication works when all the machines in your network can speak a common language. That’s what conversion is all about. And that’s one of things we’ve been doing for over 30 years.

Why Does Serial Still Matter?

Serial connectivity is a fully mature, reliable technology that is used in virtually every industry and in countless applications. In fact, it is so useful that new serial devices continue to go online every day. Serial technology may have been developed in the 20th century, but it has more than proven itself over the years. It will continue to be important well into the foreseeable future.

When provided with serial-to-Ethernet conversion, serial protocols will be just one of the many languages spoken on the Internet of Things.

Serial Still Matters

Stop the Problem Before it Starts

Modern networks may easily combine serial, USB and Ethernet, and the various kinds of cabling involved give electrical transients a lot of ways to wreak havoc. It could be lightning strikes, transmission line surges, wiring errors, ground loops, or internal complications. Fortunately, there are preventive measures that will protect your network.

USB in the Real World

USB’s convenience, flexibility, and interoperability have simplified everything from cabling to device installation. But when USB moves out of the IT environment and into the operations world it reveals a number of inherent weaknesses. We make it work. From high retention ports, to isolation and extension, USB can be a reliable, versatile player anywhere in your network.

Reliable USB in the Real World