IoT and Network
Edge Platforms

Advantech B+B SmartWorx brings intelligence right to the edge of your network with our wireless sensing platform. It’s a combination of intelligent edge nodes, SmartMesh IP wireless networking technology and our Wireless Sensing Solutions that provides a complete connectivity stack between virtually any sensor type and an IoT analytics applications – even in the most demanding environments.

Decision Making At Your Network’s Edge.

That’s Connected Intelligence.

Smart Processing Starts At The Edge Of The Network.

Machines have been talking to machines for a long time, but we’ve made it easier. Wzzard™ is a complete wireless sensor platform that allows you to rapidly deploy scalable, reliable and intelligent IoT networking in remote and demanding environments.

We call it Intelligence at the Network Edge. Intelligent, because it puts the decision making close to where the action is.

SmartSwarm 351 Modbus IoT Gateways

Translate SCADA protocols to IT in real-time without disrupting, interrupting or reconfiguring your existing networks

The B+B SmartWorx Smart Swarm 351 is ultimately a bolt-on, non-invasive physical device that provides an easy and cost effective way to release and translate your SCADA data, in real-time, to a wider enterprise IT environment. And compared to similar devices and solutions out there, it does so without impacting your programming, processes or people.

B+B SmartWorx® Wzzard™

The Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform

Wzzard uses the lightweight, publish/subscribe messaging transport MQTT protocol for sensor communications. MQTT is an extremely simple messaging protocol created for M2M and IoT applications over wireless networks. Because of its efficient distribution of information to single or multiple receivers, low power usage and minimized data packets, it is ideal for mobile or remote locations.

Rosetta Stones for Modern Networks

Many IoT technologies decentralize network intelligence by giving more autonomy to devices out at the network edge. A device that is smart enough to report on exception only, for example, will reduce overall network traffic while simultaneously easing the burden on the computers at the network core. Smart edge devices make networks more flexible and more efficient.

But well established data communications protocols like Modbus and RS-232/422/485 have proven to be too useful to abandon, and the installed base of devices that use these older protocols represents an enormous, worldwide capital investment. It would not make financial sense to replace it all. Yet M2M networks can’t achieve their full potential unless all of their connected devices can communicate seamlessly.

B+B can help. We provide the connectivity pieces that integrate all of your equipment and all of your networking protocols, both old and new. We’ll ensure that your data is always speaking the appropriate language when it reaches its ultimate destination.

Serial Servers & Modbus Gateways

Wired serial servers can turn serial devices into Ethernet network nodes by converting the serial protocols. The data isn’t altered, but it becomes dramatically more portable. Serial servers can also be wireless, allowing serial devices in inconvenient locations to use Wi-Fi to connect to Ethernet networks.

B+B SmartWorx® Serial Servers