Industrial Computers

Need a cost-effective way to access data to optimize and improve operations? Need to address legacy equipment and protocols? Check out our UNO series of embedded automation computers to see what model is right for your application.

B+B SmartWorx edge devices are competitively priced, compact in size and unobtrusively capture PLC and other legacy device data utilizing multiple protocols.

UNO Smart Factory Edge Gateway

The UNO-2271 family is a Smart Industrial Edge Gateway that is both rugged and pocket-size at less than 4 inches wide, making it an ideal host for application software. The fan-less, industrial design makes it perfect for both business- and mission-critical applications. With the UNO Edge Gateway you can easily extend your data collection, visualization and system management to the edge of the network—all while keeping costs down.

UNO Smart Factory Edge Gateway with Ignition Edge Onboard

With the shared benefits of smart hardware and software, model C-UNO2271-W10EDG-1 is available with Windows 10 ENT LTSB, 128G mSATA SSD and comes with Ignition Edge Onboard. UNO acts as a mini hub that connects various brands, models and platforms and communicates data with a single MQTT Sparkplug-B protocol.