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The introduction of serial device connectivity slightly predates the invention of the countertop microwave and permanent press fabric. But, like quick cooking and wrinkle-free clothing, it’s hard to remember how we got along without it. Rather than eliminating serial protocols, modern M2M networks embrace them and provide them with new capabilities.

Serial to fiber optic converters let serial devices pass their data across fiber lines, which are inherently resistant to electromagnetic interference, RF interference, and electrical transients. Ethernet serial servers connect serial device to Ethernet networks. Wireless serial converters do the same, via Wi-Fi. The protocols and the media may change, but the data itself keeps moving.

Serial was not invented to connect devices to the Internet of Things. But, thanks to serial conversion, they’ll be connected just the same.

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Serial Converter, Repeater, Isolator Product Selection Guide - B+B SmartWorxSerial Converter, Repeater, Isolator Product Selection Guide

There are a number of factors that contribute to the selection of the correct serial converter, repeater or isolator for your application.

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