SmartWorx Hub™

Device Configuration, Diagnostics & Management Platform

SmartWorx Hub lets you manage all of your routers from a single location, wherever you may be. It places configuration, diagnostic and management functions and a complete view of your installed device population right on your desktop. SmartWorx Hub takes device management to new levels of flexibility and efficiency.

SmartWorx Hub

Traveling to a site to diagnose a fault, change a configuration or download new applications and firmware is inefficient and a waste of money, especially when the job must be done in a remote location or during out of office hours. Even with remote access to individual devices, operations like firmware upgrades are time consuming and error prone if they must be repeated for each device. SmartWorx Hub eliminates these problems.

It lets you remotely monitor and manage your devices from any location. It lets you remotely apply simultaneous upgrades or configuration modifications to individual devices or groups of devices. If desired, you could upgrade or reconfigure your entire device population at the same time.

Whether you need to modify configuration parameters, download or upgrade installed firmware and applications or view detailed information regarding network statistics, you can do it all from your desktop.

  • Access device details anywhere
  • Early diagnosis of network/connectivity problems
  • Rapid deployment of upgrades/fixes
  • Significantly reduces the cost of ownership

Device Configuration

Instantly access the latest configuration data for any unit. Create profiles to accelerate configuration of new devices or the deployment of substantial changes. Upload current configurations for units that have been modified on site. Update parameters remotely in real time. (If a device is not normally connected there is no need to wait. SmartWorx Hub will provide the device with the updates the next time the device connects.)

Device Configuration

Firmware & Application Download

Firmware & Application Download

View the firmware versions and user applications that are deployed on any device. Download upgrades or new user modules to individual devices or groups of devices1. Schedule the time that downloads should be initiated so as to make use of network slack time. If you need to synchronize updates with other events, schedule the time that the updates will actually be invoked2.

  • Remote update of core firmware and software user modules
  • Update devices on individual or group basis
  • Normally connected devices update immediately
  • Not normally connected devices update next time they connect

Network Diagnostics

You can view the networking status of individual routers or your entire network at any time. Parameters include:

  • Actual and current information about the signal strength, the connected cell and the provider
  • Current router information including temperature, supply voltage, location (if available), IMEI (if available), etc.
  • The quantity of information transferred, signal strength, response time, router availability, packet loss, the number of PPP connections and the number of various channels connected for today, yesterday, this week, this month and last month
Network Diagnostics

Zero Touch Provisioning

SmartWorx Hub not only saves you time and money after devices have been installed, its Zero Touch Provisioning feature can dramatically reduce the cost of the installation process itself. When a new, unconfigured device is installed and powered on, it can automatically download its initial configuration and application code from the central provisioning server. This means that new units can be installed by electrical contractors who possess no specialist knowledge of any kind. It also means that new devices can be installed at any time rather than when specialist engineers are available.

SmartWorx Hub zero touch provisioning

1 – Remote update of firmware and applications code is not supported with V2 Routers
2 – Roadmapped functionality, check with your local sales contact