Intelligent Transportation

Efficient Transportation Systems Start with Reliable Data and Network Communications

Intelligent Transportation - Application Product Line Card - B+B SmartWorx

Transportation is still the lifeblood of modern commerce – nobody gets paid until the goods are delivered or people make it to work. Data and network communication solutions from B+B SmartWorx are at the heart of greater efficiency in data-driven transportation applications. From signaling systems, digital signage, toll management and smart parking to trackside management, telematics to remote mobile asset management, B+B SmartWorx brings focused solutions to intelligent transportation.

B+B SmartWorx offers M2M (machine-to-machine) transportation solutions for trouble-free connectivity and data communications:

  • NEMA TS1/TS2 rated products
  • Cellular routers
  • Wireless radio modems and remote I/O
  • WiFi routers, bridges, serial servers, embedded modules, access points
  • Telematics fleet management
  • Ethernet switches, routers, extenders
  • Ethernet serial servers, gateways
  • Ethernet media converters, chassis products
  • Serial converters, repeaters, isolators, surge protectors, cards
  • USB converters, hubs, isolators, surge protector
  • Turnkey and custom engineered solutions

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