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The Smart Approach to Security & Surveillance Starts with Intelligent Networked Devices

Security and Surveillance Application Product Line Card - B+B SmartWorx

Physical security used to mean armed guards on foot patrol, deadbolt locks and keys. Today, it involves networking systems of RFID tags and readers, IP/digital cameras inside in public and private spaces and outside in parking facilities, and access control systems integrating servers, cameras, video analytics, facial recognition systems, card scanners or biometrics. Some systems even incorporate video feeds to monitoring centers and/or to roaming security personnel or their vehicles.

Security solutions from B+B SmartWorx are at the heart of a growing number of security related applications. By combining ruggedness, reliability and extended reach, our technology connects the remote devices you need to protect people and property 24/7/365. We offer a broad portfolio of wired and wireless Ethernet solutions for fiber media, copper, coaxial cable, as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE) products to address IP devices any where – from offices to factory floors to outdoor applications.

With thousands of products for M2M (machine-to-machine) connectivity, B+B is your one-stop source when building physical security systems:

  • Ethernet media converters
  • Ethernet serial servers and gateways
  • Ethernet switches, routers, extenders
  • Wi-Fi access points, routers, bridges, serial servers, modules
  • Wireless cellular routers, radio modems, I/O
  • Serial converters, isolators, repeaters, surge protectors, cards
  • USB converters, isolators, hubs, extenders

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