Petroleum, Oil and Gas

Controlling Oil and Gas Generation, Production and Distribution Starts with Intelligent Communications

Petroleum, Oil and Gas Product Line Card

Throughout energy production and distribution infrastructures, B+B SmartWorx is there. We have experience serving the full spectrum of energy industry applications, whether upstream exploration and production or downstream refineries, pipelines and local gas stations. Since 1981, we have brought wired and wireless networking expertise into all types of harsh and hazardous environments. So, whether you’re building a new system or expanding or reorganizing an existing one, B+B SmartWorx can help you envision a new network configuration and install the right data communication solutions and products.

B+B SmartWorx offers M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions for oil and gas industry applications for trouble-free connectivity and data communications:

  • Class 1/Division 2 rated products
  • Cellular routers
  • Wireless radio modems and remote I/O
  • WiFi routers, bridges, serial servers, embedded modules, access points
  • Ethernet switches, routers, extenders
  • Ethernet serial servers, gateways
  • Ethernet media converters, chassis products
  • Serial converters, repeaters, isolators, surge protectors, cards
  • USB converters, hubs, isolators, surge protector
  • Turnkey and custom engineered solutions

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