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Data technology solutions have become some of a first responder’s most valuable tools. Yet, these service agencies are suffering manpower shortages at the same time the public is demanding faster and faster response times. So, agencies around the globe are thinking smarter in today’s fast moving world as the ability to manage data and prioritize service calls becomes critical, even life saving.

Emergency response vehicles are “offices on wheels.” Mobile Data Terminals (“MDTs”) play an important role in response times. They are used to communicate with central dispatch stations, hospitals and other responder agencies. Supervisors can readily locate addresses via GPS/GEO mapping, dispatch personnel and teams and track assets during critical events.

Rugged, reliable and extended reach solutions from B+B SmartWorx are at the heart of a growing number of first responder applications. B+B offers wired and wireless solutions connecting devices anywhere – from indoor offices to remote mobile fleets – protecting people and property 24/7/365.

Designing and manufacturing data connectivity products since 1981, B+B SmartWorx is your one-stop source for first responder and public safety solutions:

  • Wireless cellular routers, radio modems, I/O
  • Wi-Fi access points, routers, bridges, serial servers, modules
  • Ethernet media converters
  • Ethernet serial servers and gateways
  • Ethernet switches, routers, extenders
  • USB converters, isolators, hubs, extenders
  • Serial converters, isolators, repeaters, surge protectors, cards

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