eWorx SE500 Series

In addition to providing all the features you’re already looking for in a fully managed switch such as support for Telnet, IPv4/IPv6, SNMP v1, V2c and v3, VLAN, IGMP snooping, the SE500 series helps you save a significant amount time and money compared to other switches on the market through our embedded IXM™ software:

  • Cut configuration and upgrade time by up to 90% for multiple switch deployment

    Our IXM™ software allows for auto-synchronization of firmware updates and push settings for single or groups of switches, preventing you from having to manually configure each switch or reconnect each switch to a PC

  • Avoid paying for extra NMS software in multiple switch deployment

    Our IXM™ software is automatically embedded which means you get it as part of buying the device and do not have to take any additional software installation steps

  • Avoid having to train to use complicated NMS software

    Our IXM™ software is a web based solution with a user friendly WEB GUI, intuitive enough to use without the need for additional training

Get to know the SE500 Series in detail

Easy, Cost-Effective Multi-Switch Deployment

Upgrading firmware and setting the configuration of a large number of devices is a challenging job for both IT and SI (System Integrator) professionals.

To help solve for this, we’ve embedded IXM technology into each SE500 switch. IXM allows the installer to auto synchronize firmware updates and push configuration settings to either individual or groups of switches.

What does this mean? No need to buy extra deployment software or to train personnel. Additionally, it will also save you time. While a 100-switch deployment may have previously taken you at least 45 minutes, you can achieve the same task through IXM in just 3.5 minutes.

Key Functions

1. IXM provides auto IP assignment, mass firmware upgrades, mass and flexible restoration of configuration files.
2. Communication with NMS (Networking Management System) via SNMP.
3. PoE (Power over Ethernet) model supports IEEE802.3at with two 24~48VDC power inputs and P-Fail relay.
4. Supports Advantech X-ring and X-ring Pro technology
5. Supports IPv4 and IPv6

Complete Industry Standards Support

Do you have a particular set of features you need regardless of what’s new? Our SE500 family of switches offer all the features you should expect in a managed switch, such as:

  • IPv4/IPv6
  • VLAN
  • IGMP Snooping
  • Network Redundancy
  • Link Aggregation
  • SNMP V1,V2c,V3
  • Web and Telnet support
  • DIN rail mounting

Smart PoE Management features allow advanced PoE settings and monitoring. Comprehensive network security features such as SSH, HTTPS/SSL, TLS, TTLS, PEAP and Radius are also offered.

Best In-Class Industrial Reliability

Does your Ethernet application have specific requirements that common switches can’t meet? Our switches are made to work in harsh environment applications.

  • Dual wide-range power input design
    (8.4V to 62.4 VDC)
  • Self-healing network resiliency
    (Less than 10(ms) @ 250 units)
  • Wide temperature tolerance
    (-40 to 75°C)
  • MTBF (Mean time between failures)
    Over 50 years
  • High Electrical Magnetic (EMC) resistance
    (Level 4 design, *IEEE 1613 Class 2 Complaint*)

Gigabit Bandwidth Available with PoE+

Are you looking for a switch that, in addition to specific management features, will last regardless of the growing demand for higher bandwidth applications or potential incoming users?

The SE500 series offers a full gigabit option, allowing speeds up to 10 times greater than the previous generation, resulting in less congestion and better overall performance for the entire network:

Option 1

  • Uplink Port– Gigabit Combo Port
  • SFP port or Ethernet port – RJ45 interface

Option 2

  • Every Single Port – Full Gigabit Capacity
  • Up to 40G, switching capacity (*SEG520 series*)

PoE/PoE+ Option

  • 802.3af/at compliant
  • Each port, up to 30Watt
  • PoE power budget, Max. 120Watt
  • Smart PoE management*

Easy-to-use Web GUI for Advanced Monitoring

Have you ever had problems, or even a lack of patience, in trying out a user interface to find the data and functionality you need in a managed switch?

With all SE500 series switches, you’ll get a simple, easy-to-use web GUI to manage a powerful suite of diagnostic, monitoring and network performance capabilities, including but not limited to:

  • Cable diagnostics:
    Get help with field troubleshooting in industrial applications
  • IPv4/IPv6 ping
    Verify the first-line connection condition in the same network
  • Fiber SFP monitoring (DDMI)
    Allows you to see “Temp”, “Tx/Rx Power”, “Voltage” and get automatic warnings sent directly to “E-mail”, “SNMP”, or “Log”
  • System log
    Select the severity level for local log messages, easy to identify the required service level
  • And more such as port utilization, traffic statistics, QoS and rate limiting

Also available is the ability to create multiple user accounts with differing permissions. User ID’s can be created with a wide variety of access – from simple device monitoring to full maintenance accessibility, thus ensuring security and offering flexibility for field deployment.

Industrial Grade Security

Secured Connection (HTTPS & SSH)

The user can have the secured connection from the remote or direct-connect with switch, having the data secured.

Storm Control

You will have the ability to manage the occurrence of packet flooding on the LAN and consequent traffic to prevent the degrading of network performance

802.1x & IP Security

The 802.1x function provides port-based authentication to prevent unauthorized devices (clients) from gaining access to the network.

Account Privilege

With multiple account management, the user can set up the several level to access/configure the switch which allow more flexible for field implementation.

Self-Healing/Ring Recovery Technology (X-ring™)

Have you had problems with, or are trying to avoid, corrupt or broken links and network loops? Our sub-20ms self-healing X-Ring ™ rapid auto recovery technology allows different ring healing methods to coexist in one switch and supports different topology options.

Different ring-healing methods include:

  • Couple ring
  • Dual Homing
  • Multi-couple ring

Two easy ways to discover which model is right for your application


See specs, compare models

See our comparison matrix complete with downloadable images, data sheets, diagrams, comparison specs and more.

You can also get pricing and purchase directly from B+B.

Model Photo Total Ports 10/100  10/100/1000  COMBO PORT
10/100/1000BASE-T(X) or
Operating Temp Datasheet Manual Price Buy
SEC510-2SFP-T Photo 10 8  2  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $799.00 Buy Now
SE512-4SFP-T Photo 12 8 4  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $849.00 Buy Now
SEG510-2SFP-T Photo 10 8 2  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $949.00 Buy Now
SEG512-4SFP-T Photo 12 8 4  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $999.00 Buy Now
SECP510-2SFP-T Photo 10 8 (PoE+) 2  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $899.00 Buy Now
SEGP510-2SFP-T Photo 10 8 (PoE+) 2  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $1,099.00 Buy Now
SEGP512-4SFP-T Photo 12 8 (PoE+) 4  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $1,199.00 Buy Now
SE520-4SFP-T Photo 20 16 4  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $999.00 Buy Now
SEG520-4SFP-T Photo 20 16 4  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $1,199.00 Buy Now
SEG528-4SFP-T 28 24 4  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $1,699.00 Buy Now
SEGP528-4SFP-T Photo 28 24 (PoE+) 4  -40 to 75°C Datasheet Manual $1,999.00 Buy Now

Talk to a tech

If you have questions about monitored, managed or unmanaged switches, our techs are happy to help.

Let us know how to get in touch and we’ll take care of the rest.


All eWorx ethernet switches cut power usage by up to 60%, reducing your total cost of ownership.

  • Automatically powers down ports that have no link
  • Budgets power output for different Ethernet cable lengths


We guarantee that all eWorx switches, managed, monitored or unmanaged, are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for its lifetime.