Upgrading a Metropolitan Public Transportation Networking System Infrastructure

The Challenge:

A metropolitan city in the Southern Midwest needed assistance upgrading its onboard networking system for several avenues in public transportation. The current network infrastructure lacked the network segmentation and network security capabilities needed. The system was shifting to a more complex integration with fare collection, video surveillance, infotainment and 4G LTE emergency access.

Trying to provide a modern public transportation system for 800+ buses and a 100+ lite-rail system, these upgraded features required the network infrastructure to become more consistent, secure and accurate. The current system lacked reliability, which left the network structure vulnerable. With the correct upgrades to the current system, the onboard networking system would withstand the functions of the transit system.

The Solution:

To solve the lack of networking infrastructure, B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech used L2 industrial-grade managed switches to help establish a strong and secure onboard networking system for their transportation system. Using the EKI-7710E-2C-AE, 8-port 10/100M + 2 GbE Combo (SFP or Copper) outfitted with X-Ring Pro, it provided the system with the ability to deliver ultra-high speed recovery time and ensure network stability. The EKI-7710E-2C-AE managed Ethernet switch connected the local devices fluidly including, IP cameras, video servers, fare collection devices and passenger information signs. The 2 GbE uplink ports connected to a 4G LTE gateway to support the delivery of real-time information.

The managed switch offered both process and procedure benefits needed for their network security protection functions and integrated intelligent provisioning tools. Saving on cost and labor while preventing human error during the configuration process, the device has helped to streamline the transportation systems integration process.

With its compact design, the EKI-7710E- 2C-AE fit easily within the current onboard cabinet without requiring additional upgrades to the existing cabinet. The managed Ethernet switch is also embedded with IXM technology, which allows for fast deployment integration that saved the engineers time and cost. It also benefited the IT managers with accurate networking maintenance and failure prevention.

The public transportation system acknowledged the B+B SmartWorx network engineering support team, as it was responsive and helpful during the system upgrade. The B+B SmartWorx team is here to support and assist with any questions in a prompt manner. With their strong knowledge about onboard networking system infrastructure, the team was able to provide assistance promptly to technicians with any issues during the installation process.

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