Capabilities Brochure

B+B SmartWorx Capabilities BrochureFor more than three decades, B+B SmartWorx has built a reputation as a global source for best-in-class rugged, reliable, wired and wireless connectivity and communications solutions. Backed by strong technical support online, on the phone and in the field, B+B SmartWorx products are known for being simple to order, simple to use and simple to install.

We design, manufacture and deliver connectivity and communication solutions optimized for an ever-expanding range of applications. And we’ll meet your specific needs with simple, custom tailored answers We’ll help you connect and network-enable legacy equipment. We’ll help you extend wireless connections to the edge of your network. We’ll help you embed connectivity in your OEM products. Whatever you need to do, B+B SmartWorx has the knowledge, the experience and the technology platform to ensure you’re making the right connections.

B+B SmartWorx offers offers a large portfolio of products across multiple communication technologies for machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity and data communications:

  • Wireless and cellular, sensors, routers, bridges, modems, radios, Wi-Fi modules & Bluetooth converters
  • Ethernet serial servers and gateways
  • Ethernet switches, media converters and extenders
  • USB hubs, extenders, isolators and converters
  • Serial converters, repeaters, isolators, surge protectors, modems
  • Turnkey, custom engineered connectivity products

B+B SmartWorx has earned an extensive list of industry certifications and compliance ratings, extending beyond core ISO and RoHS compliance, including certifications from UL, CE, NEMA, IEEE, IEC and the European Union’s WEEE Directive. B+B SmartWorx products are built for the long run. All B+B manufactured products are backed by a limited life-time warranty.

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