Smart Swarm Intelligence Brochure

Swarm Intelligence – The New Edge Solution

Swarm Intelligence BrochureThe world around us is full of examples where complex processes and networks are constructed of simple components which, by cooperating, achieve much greater things than they could achieve alone.

In the world of industrial IoT, SWARM intelligence overcomes the single most limiting factor in today’s edge devices, namely the link between the edge and a single physical entity. Instead, a SWARM edge consists of a number of devices acting as a collective, sharing their interfaces, resources and capabilities.

This delivers:
• Virtually limitless edge scalability
• Ability to add new interfaces at any time
• Ability to augment processing and storage resources as the system adapts and grows
• Easy addition of redundancy to critical interfaces
• Cost effective expansion of edge functionality over time
• Reduced installation costs and plant wiring
• Investment protection throughout lifecycle

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