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Rugged, Industrial Grade Ethernet Infrastructure for Traffic Control Systems

Cellular routers will establish reliable, high bandwidth network connections anywhere there’s cellular service. They support the transmission of anything from audio and video to email and images. They support modern security technologies and prevent unauthorized intrusion. They’ll connect with modern data networking equipment as well as legacy devices like RS-232 digital signs, thus protecting investments in older technologies. Versatile and wireless, cellular routers simplify communications with remote locations and equipment while simultaneously providing them with enhanced capabilities.

IoT Tech: The Universal Translator for the Industrial Tower of Babel | B+B SmartWorx

Nobody can afford to re-engineer their existing processes and machines every time they want to extract data up to some common application platform. It’s not just the money. Re-engineering means you’re mucking around with the systems that are paying your bills, covering your payroll, and producing your profit. No matter how careful you are, when you re-engineer your systems you’re going to break a few. There will be quality problems, interruptions, and downtime. Re-engineering existing systems to perform new tricks isn’t the answer.

Stan’s Tech Tips – B&B Electronics

You don't have to uproot your existing infrastructure to take advantage of the new IoT technologies. IoT tech is designed to be fully interoperable with whatever you already have in place. You can add as much or as little as meets your current needs. You can also add more IoT later, whenever and wherever you feel that it makes sense.

The Internet of Things Near Me

In the Internet of Everything, Cloud-based services are already pretty evolved. But what about use cases in which no roundtrip out to a server in the Cloud is called for? What about the ‘internet of things near me?’ In this look over the horizon at the next phase of the Internet of Everything, Brian Vogelsang, director of product management for Qualcomm Interactive Platforms, will discuss use cases for direct peer connection