B+B SmartWorx Launches Commercial WzzardC Intelligent Edge Nodes for Indoor Wireless Sensing Applications

B+B SmartWorx Launches Commercial WzzardC Intelligent Edge Nodes for Indoor Wireless Sensing Applications

Long Beach, CA (Sensors Expo & Conference) – June 9, 2015 – B+B SmartWorx, a manufacturer of technology for intelligent M2M/IoT edge processing and connectivity, today at the Sensors Expo & Conference (booth #833) announced its non-industrial WzzardC Intelligent Edge Nodes for use in commercial Internet of Things (IoT) wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Featuring a different enclosure than their industrial-rated Wzzard IP67 sister nodes, the new WzzardC Edge Nodes are suited to indoor installations in difficult RF environments where high levels of reliability are required.  WzzardC Edge Nodes are fully compatible with their industrial-rated Wzzard sister nodes, and serve the same role within B+B’s Wzzard Intelligent Wireless Sensor Platform, so that systems can be cost and installation optimized to best fit the application.

The indoor-rated enclosure simplifies installation with terminal block connections for attaching sensors, instead of wiring through conduit or sealed M12 connections. Rather than using mounting flanges or an internal magnet, WzzardC nodes are easily installed using Velcro with dual lock adhesive, or an optional holster mount.

All of B+B’s Wzzard Edge Nodes – both industrial and non-industrial – will connect to any industry-standard sensor. Interface options include general-purpose analog inputs, digital input/output and thermocouple.

All nodes are easily configurable using Android smartphones or tablets and the Wzzard app over Bluetooth LE. They can be configured to communicate data only when specified thresholds are exceeded (reducing unnecessary network traffic, the processing burden on upstream resources, and the cost of cellular data plans), as well as to associate other useful information (geolocation, device name, and up-time) with the collected sensor data for upstream analytics applications.   Advanced 802.15.4e Smartmesh IP technology enables wire-like reliability and multiyear battery life from the included lithium batteries.

About B+B SmartWorx’ Wzzard Intelligent Wireless Sensor Platform:

B+B’s Wzzard intelligent wireless sensor platform (https://advantech-bb.com/product-technology/iot-and-network-edge-platforms/wzzard/) makes it quick and easy to connect edge devices and assets and communicate their data to IoT applications for visualization, analytics or integration into business applications. The platform uses Intelligent Edge Nodes, which connect to industry-standard sensors, and a wireless 802.15.4e SmartMesh IP network to transmit sensor data to the Spectre Network Gateway. This gateway can connect to the Internet via wired connections or the cellular data networks and communicate with application platforms using the MQTT IoT protocol and JSON data formats.

The platform’s technologies, protocols and hardware work together to reduce the expertise and time it takes to develop IoT connectivity solutions. Wzzard was designed to help integrators and VARs develop and deploy secure, smart, self-powered, and scalable IoT applications. It bridges the gap between IT and the OT (operational technology) deployed in demanding environments.

Wzzard helps to create “overlay networks” which can gather data from existing OT equipment, translate the disparate machine protocols into a language IT can understand, transform that data into useful information and deliver it up to the application layer – all without disrupting already established programming, processes and people.

“The Wzzard platform allows users to wirelessly add their sensors into an IoT architecture, and simplify the connectivity stack between field devices being measured up to their application level,” said Mike Fahrion, vice president of IoT technologies, B+B SmartWorx.