Where next for the Internet of Things? – E&T Magazine

From E&T:

“Tim Taberner, BB’s global product manager for advanced IoT gateways said: ‘Essentially it will enable organizations to future-proof their infrastructure and our early product research has shown that it will have a real immediate benefit for the manufacturing, petrochemical and transport sectors, and many more after that as we fully realize its potential.’”

“’In the meantime, the WZZARD product is a wireless sensor mesh that has groups of sensors talking to each other and sending their data to a router from which it is transferred to the cloud. These sensors can also help businesses save money and reduce their environmental impact as they can be set to all power up at the same time, gather and share their data, then power off until the next scheduled data grab.’”

“Taberner added: ‘What every business needs to realize is that any IoT project is going to be a continual work in progress as the technology advances, the data available or needed changes, and new and old systems have to find ways of working together.’”

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