Quatro Electronics® SmartTower with Cellular Wireless Communication & Monitoring System from B+B SmartWorx Receives Security Products Magazine Govies Government Security Award for Perimeter Security

SEC Govies 2014Chicago, IL – May 7, 2014 — Security Products magazine announced Quatro Electronics’ SmartTower with cellular wireless communication and monitoring system from B+B SmartWorx has received the Govies Government Security Award for Perimeter Security.

A panel of judges from the security industry selected the top entries in the 2014 categories and named them winners using criteria including features, innovation, user friendliness, interoperability, quality, design, market opportunity, impact in the security industry, technical advances, and scalability.

Developed as a cost-effective alternative solution to employing security officers to oversee equipment and critical infrastructure in remote, vulnerable or temporary environments such as construction sites, the Quatro SmartTower can accommodate locations with limited power and no landline communications, protecting a site even before core utilities are available.

Rapidly deployable SmartTowers enhance existing perimeter protection with a multi-layered solution using a 96db siren to warn intruders, Infra-Red and white light for areas prone to vandalism, 30x zoom to see even the most isolated areas, Voice-Over-IP for real-time communication, and wireless connectivity for installation anywhere.

The SmartTower combines an alloy sub frame and an extruded alloy pneumatic mast, extendable up to 25’, which allows it to be deployed in any terrain. The top of the tower houses a high-end, wireless PTZ camera, with on-board storage capacity of up to 64GB. As it can be powered by AC power, wind, solar or hydrogen fuel cell, the SmartTower can operate for up to three months continuously without recharging, making it ideal for construction sites, utilities, and critical infrastructure.

B+B SmartWorx worked with Quatro Electronics to develop the high-reliability cellular wireless communication and monitoring system that enables users to install the SmartTower anywhere, wirelessly connect it to a remote control center, and transmit high-bandwidth streaming video and CCTV images over high speed cellular infrastructures in the USA, UK and across Europe.

The Quatro SmartTower communication system is 4G ready, and also works on 2G/3G networks. At present, the unit will operate remotely on GPRS/EDGE/HSPA/HPSA+ (CDMA optional) cellular networks and will seamlessly migrate to high-bandwidth 4G/LTE networks when they are available.

The rugged B+B wireless cellular router, designed for outdoor use, is the backbone of the communication platform. Dual modules can connect to two cellular carriers simultaneously, enabling reliable failover if one connection fails, ensuring the tower’s transmissions are always on. An in-built GPS system provides both asset tracking and real-time date/time stamping of images generated by the remote cameras and sent to the control center. The router also enables the SmartTower to perform certain actions, such as directing a camera to a specific location on site, power-management and providing alarm messages to the remote control center.

Quatro Electronics®
Quatro Electronics (www.quatroelectronics.com) provides world-class security and monitoring for challenging, difficult, and temporary environments through a monitored alarm solution with video verification that is self-powered, cellular, and wireless. For the past 17 years, Quatro has been trusted to protect, manage, and monitor remote and vulnerable sites around the world offering customers total reassurance and confidence that their valuable assets are safe.

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