The SmartStart™ LTE Cat 1 and Cat 4 family of routers and gateways are the perfect way to connect Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and serial devices to an LTE network.

Industrial M2M and IoT applications include Ethernet lottery machines, ATM stations, kiosk locations, gaming terminals along with RS-232 traffic controllers, meters, UPS systems, PLCs and much more.


SmartStart™ Description and Specifications

The processor is powerful enough to handle the full range of LTE communications capabilities, including video streams. The internal memory provides ample storage for custom scripts, software applications and a wide variety of protocols. In addition to its Ethernet and RS-232 ports, SmartStart has built-in digital I/O connectivity. Competing routers in the same price range generally provide only Ethernet or RS-232. SmartStart provides all three.

SmartStart™ provides best-in-class power consumption combined with LTE performance, and is optimized for solar and battery powered applications. Low Power Mode extends battery life by dropping power consumption to 40 mW, and can be triggered by timers, low voltage detection or I/O. SmartStart is the industry’s only cellular gateway with power consumption equivalent to 2G devices. It is DIN rail and panel mountable. The router supports VPN tunnel creation using various protocols to ensure safe communications. The router provides diagnostic functions which include automatic monitoring of the wireless and wired connections, automatic restart in case of connection losses, and a hardware watchdog that monitors the router status.

SmartStart™ is an excellent fit for applications that are migrating to LTE technology. SmartStart’s™ provides fallback to 3G/2G technologies to ensure that connectivity is reliable in areas where LTE is still under development. This future proofs your existing installations and protects your investment. You can upgrade your systems according to your own schedule, as SmartStart™ will continue to connect your legacy devices, even after the cellular providers sunset their 2G and 3G cellular networks.

SmartStart™ is easy to install using SmartWorx HUB™ – a full featured configuration and monitoring tool. Our VPN configuration tool, SmartCluster™ makes it easy to configure multiple routers via the same VPN tunnel.


  • Certified by Verizon and AT&T; supported by most major carriers
  • Powerful processor enough to handle the full range of LTE communication
  • 1x Ethernet 100 Mbps – RJ45, 10/100 Mbps, 1.5kV RMS
  • 1x RS232 port – DB9 Female
  • Two SIM card holders on the rear side of the router (given DIN holder on back side) – 2 Mini SIMs (2FF)
  • 1x I/O – Integrated in 4 way Molex mini connector – Configurable I/O pin on power connector
  • 1x Digital Input : 0 to 36 VDC, logic 0: 0 to 0,7 V, logic 1: 1,6 V to 36 V
  • 1x Digital Open Collector Output > sinking 200 mA/ 36 V DC
  • Input voltage range is from 9 Vdc to 36 Vdc (4-Way Molex moni-fit connector)
  • Power consumption with WiFi – Average / Peak / Sleep Mode – 2,7 / 5.5 W / 40 mW
  • Power consumption without WiFi – Idle / Average / Peak / Sleep Mode – 2,1 / 4.8 W / 40 mW
  • Current with WiFi / without WiFi – 0.65 A Max / 0.55 A Max
  • Temperature range with WiFi – Operating / Storage – -25 to +55 °C / -40 to +85 °C
  • Temperature range without WiFi – Operating / Storage – -40 to +75 °C / -40 to +85 °C
  • Humidity – Operating / Storage (non condensing) – 0 to 95 % / 0 to 95 %
  • Cold Start – -40 °C
  • Operating Altitude – 2000 m / 70 kPa
  • Enclosure Rating – IP30
  • LED Indicators – PWR, DAT, WAN, ETH
  • 2x ANT connectors, WiFi antenna – *optional – R-SMA connector
  • Enclosure Dimensions – 87x30x127mm (150mm including wall month sides)
  • Weight – 187g
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n – *optional (AP/STA) 55+ clients supported (-25 to +55 °C)
  • Support of IPv6, Easy firmware update



SmartStart™ is easy to install using SmartWorx HUB™, a full featured configuration and monitoring tool. Our VPN configuration tool, SmartCluster™, makes it easy to configure multiple routers via the same VPN tunnel.

About SmartWorxHub

SmartWorx Hub lets you manage all of your routers from a single location, wherever you may be. It places configuration, diagnostic and management functions and a complete view of your installed device population right on your desktop. SmartWorx Hub takes device management to new levels of flexibility and efficiency. Traveling to a site to diagnose a fault, change a configuration or download new applications and firmware is inefficient and a waste of money, especially when the job must be done in a remote location or during out of office hours. Even with remote access to individual devices, operations like firmware upgrades are time consuming and error prone if they must be repeated for each device. SmartWorx Hub eliminates these problems.

About SmartCluster

SmartCluster is a software designed to create a safe communications systems while using a public network – the Internet. SmartCluster is an OpenVPN server, which offers three functions for the creation of safe private networks in a public environment.

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