Easy Network Connections for Agribusiness

The Challenge
A large agribusiness had numerous buildings scattered across a wide landscape. They wanted to establish Ethernet connectivity for all of the installations, but they didn’t want to invest more money than was necessary. Fiber optic cable could have done the job, but the company had no current need for fiber’s enormous bandwidth, and they felt that a fiber installation would have been excessively expensive. There was, however, excellent line of sight between all of the structures. The company asked one of B+B’s value added resellers about a wireless solution.

The Solution
The value added reseller suggested B+B’s Ghostbridges. Ghostbridges are high speed wireless Ethernet bridges that seamlessly connect remote devices or LANs to your network. With throughputs of up to 150 Mbps and line of site ranges of up to 15 km, they were perfect for an agricultural area where there were very few obstructions to block the radio signals. Wide temperature ranges of -30° to +80° C makes them suitable for outdoor use, and they come in preconfigured pairs that require no additional setup. All a technician has to do is mount them on a pole or a building and point them in the appropriate direction.

Networking Connections for Agribusiness