B&B Electronics Seeks to Stake Its Industrial IoT Market Position With New Name, Partnership Network

From IoT Journal

“B+B SmartWorx has also announced partnerships with more than 10 companies through which it is offering an ecosystem of IoT products and services based on the SmartWorx IoT Edge Processing Network. Among the announced IoT ecosystem partnerships are Cumulocity, which offers a toolkit with which end users can build IoT applications; IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) platform application providers, such as ThingWorx, Davra Networks and PLAT.ONE; integration software providers, such as SeeControl; IoT data analytics services providers, such as Parstream. B+B SmartWorx has announced partnerships with mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) KORE Telematics and Mobius Networks. B+B SmartWorx calls these partnerships its Connected Intelligence Global Partner Ecosystem. MVNOs purchase bulk broadband access from mobile network operators and resell the service to their own customers.”

“Through these partnerships, the company aims to make it easier to deploy mission-critical industrial IoT networks that combine sensors networks with enterprise applications, in order to support applications such as factory automation or predictive maintenance.”

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