Telecommunications and Internet Access

Today, we are surrounded by automatic vending machines selling coffee, drinks, parking tickets, tickets for public transportation and by many other similar vending machines. Companies are able to operate these machines thanks to remote GSM communications system which provides real-time overview and monitoring of the vending machine activity, number of goods stocked in each machine, number of coins and other important operational information. There is no need for manual inspections which significantly increases the efficiency of the operation. And for end consumers, it means that any breakdown or defect is immediately repaired.

Main application samples

  • monitoring of vending and dispensing machines
  • parking ticket machines, highway toll machines
  • self-service gas stations
  • Information kiosks

Selected references

  • Vending an disposing machines – monitoring via GSM
  • Parking ticket machines – remote management and monitoring via GPRS
  • Information and navigation systems – online content updates, interactive services, monitoring via 3G or GPRS