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Outdoor Lighting Control

How B+B SmartWorx is helping customers in Outdoor Lighting Control

Lighting control is a key factor in the safety and security sector. Whether you are trying to control outdoor lighting for your own facilities, or controlling an entire public lighting system for a city or municipal, having the ability to remotely monitor and control it in real-time requires the right hardware and software combination.

Solutions we've carried out recently

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How we're managing our devices on the network

Below you will find the industrial network management software that we would recommend for outdoor lighting control in the safety and security sector.

What industrial devices, peripherals we're using

Below you will get an idea of the kind of devices you should expect to work with (that we also offer) in the outdoor lighting control application.

SmartFlex LTE & LAN Router (Spectre V3 LTE – ERT)

The SmartFlex™ cellular router provides secure Internet connectivity for devices and LANs via the cellular networks. It can be used to provide automatic wireless failover for wired networks, wireless connectivity for devices in remote locations where cable connections are impractical, and wireless connectivity for mobile assets.  

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Industrial Wzzard Intelligence Edge Nodes

These Nodes can collect data from up to 3 external sensors from a wide variety of interface options, including general purpose analog inputs, digital inputs/outputs and thermocouples.

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ADAM I/O Ethernet Modules

ADAM Ethernet I/O modules provide a wide range of remote I/O solutions for temperature measurement, industrial and lab automation, and many other applications.

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WISE-4000 series is an Ethernet-based wired or wireless IoT device, which integrated with IoT data acquisition, processing, and publishing functions. Except various I/O type offering, WISE-4000 series provides data pre-scaling, data logic, and data logger functions.

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High-performance port powered and isolated serial converters for serial to fiber optic, serial to parallel, CAN as well as repeaters, protocol converters, etc.

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Available out-of-the-box customizations/integrations

For cellular routers in particular, our devices our built in such a way that modifications/customizations are made possible through user applications. We’ve put together a list for you to browse through and explore.

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