How LTE Provides Wireless Redundancy in Surveillance & Remote Video Operation

Hiring security guards to patrol remote, vulnerable or temporary environments, such as construction sites and large parking facilities, can be expensive. When basic utilities like power and data communications cabling are available it often makes more sense to deploy security cameras instead. A single operator can monitor multiple cameras, the data can be recorded, and it’s even possible to incorporate additional functions like lights, alarms, and two-way audio communications.

But what happens when core utilities are not available, and it would be difficult to supply them? Cellular routers can step up and do the job. They’ll provide secure, reliable, high bandwidth, wireless data communications anywhere there’s cellular service. Where mobility is required, cellular routers can provide that as well. They can also be configured for ordinary Ethernet operations, with cellular failover for emergencies.

Cellular Success Story: Redundancy and Flexibility 

Intruders can isolate portions of a security system with an ordinary pair of wire cutters from any hardware store. They need only sever the wired connection to the rest of the network. When the data ceased to flow, a security service would only know that communications had failed. They wouldn’t know whether the cause was weather, an equipment failure or a crime in progress.

Cellular routers can provide wireless redundancy for wired networks, with automatic failover when wired connections go down. They have ample bandwidth for video cameras, and they provide both Ethernet ports and digital inputs to connect sensors and other security equipment. They support modern security technologies, frustrating unauthorized intruders, and they can connect a single device or an entire local area network. With their flexibility and their advanced capabilities, cellular routers can add new layers of sophistication and reliability to any security system.


  • Transfer of images and videos from security IP cameras
  • Large camera systems monitoring
  • Camera motion control
  • Security systems connections


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