Streamer InTelematix Product Brochure

[headline_subtitle title=”Streamer InTelematix Product Brochure” subtitle=”Enabling OBDII-Enhanced Fleet Management”]

Streamer InTelematix Product BrochureBetter Data Enables Better Decisions
Streamer Intelematix is Your All-In-One-Solution

With over 16 years of OBDII development and 400,000 units deployed B&B has engineered the Streamer InTelematix to support all OEM Generic and most desired enhanced parameters in one single platform. Streamer’s vehicle information platform is comprised of the needed parameters, vehicle specific communication requirements, and B&B’s unique algorithms that provide parameter data in a consistent unit of measure across manufacturers. B&B’s API or communications protocol is simple and easy to integrate into your fleet management system. If you support a mixed fleet with light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, Streamer’s OBDII J1708/J1587 converts mixed fleet data into a consistent data stream for your analytics software.

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