Sensor Networking Cost Model

Are the high costs of deploying cabling in your industrial environment preventing you from deploying a remote sensor monitoring solution?

Cable lengths of 200 ft (60m) are commonly used to install industrial wired sensor monitoring systems:

  • $15ft1 ($50/m) for bare cable &  installation
  • $35ft2  ($115/m) bare cable deployed on cable tray or ladder rack
  • >  $100ft3 ($330/m) deployed in rigid steel conduit
  • A 200ft deployed wiring solution can cost from $3000 to over $20,000 for a single run including materials and labor
  • Cabling costs can greatly increase with other common factors:  Cost greatly increase if the cabling needs to extend outdoors where you need to trench, deal with right of way issues, resurface existing pavement

1 Labor cost $60/hr per NECA; 2 EATON ; 3 Electrical Contractor Reference

Have you considered a Reliable, Multi-path, Wireless mesh Networking Solution?

Here is a comparison of traditional wired sensor network installation vs a Wzzard wireless system. The assumptions for this comparison are as follows:

20 sensor network capable of monitoring 10 machines with 2 Sensors per machine with a centralized controller at an average distance of 150 ft to each sensor.

Cost of deploying a conventional “Wired” Sensor NetworkCosts of Deploying a Conventional Wired Sensor Network

System Costs Include:

  • PLC material & Installation
  • PLC programming
  • Cable & install 150ft (46m) average cable distance
  • System Commissioning and validation
  • Electrical Design
  • Total Project Cost – $36,000

The main cost of a sensor monitoring system isn’t the system; it’s the cabling deployment & Installation costs.

Costs of Deploying a Wzzard Wireless Sensor NetworkCost of Deploying Wzzard Wireless Sensor Network

System Costs Include:

  • Wzzard Gateway & Install
  • 12 Wzzard Edge Nodes
  • 20 Sensors & Installation
  • System Commissioning and Validation
  • Web-Based monitoring system w/data storage,  Alert messages, Dashboards
  • Total Project Cost – $15,000

Sensor Network System Cost Summary

Sensor Network System Cost Summary

Wzzard Savings over traditional wired sensor network from 60% to over 90%!