Safe Cellular Connections for National Lottery Machines

The Challenge

A European national lottery wanted to position lottery machines in locations that were convenient to their customers. The locations were not, however, always installation-friendly. Local circumstances often made fiber or copper cable impractical or prohibitively expensive. The lottery needed a wireless solution that was robust enough for both indoor and outdoor applications, and highly secure.

The Solution

The lottery equipped its machines with quad band B+B SmartWorx cellular routers. The B+B routers provide Ethernet connections anywhere there’s cellular service as well as ample bandwidth, even for applications that require video. They will connect both LANs and individual devices, even devices that use data networking protocols like Modbus or RS-232/422/486. Dual SIM card holders provide network redundancy, as the routers can automatically switch between cellular service providers if one connection fails.

Security is ensured through the creation of VPN tunnels, and the routers can automatically upgrade their configuration and firmware from the operator’s central server, allowing for simultaneous mass reconfiguration of every router on the network.