LoRa Sensing Technology

What is LoRa?

Advantech B+B SmartWorx will soon expand its line of wireless products with the launch of LoRaWAN wireless solutions. LoRa solutions help users have better control and management for applications in remote areas (e.g., for flood monitoring) and harsh environments (e.g., extreme temperatures, high humidity).

The upcoming solution will utilize LoRa wireless technology to overcome the boundary of distance, thereby maximizing monitoring efficiency and overall productivity.


– Long Distance (5 ~ 15 km)

A single base station provides deep penetration in dense urban and indoor regions; connects rural areas up to 30 miles away

– Low-Power Consumption

Protocol designed specifically for low power consumption extending battery lifetime over years

– High Capacity

Supports millions of messages per base station, ideal for public network operators serving many customers

– Low Cost

Reduces costs three ways: infrastructure investment, operating expenses and end-node sensor

– High Security

Embedded end-to-end AES128 encryption

Upcoming LoRa Product Portfolio


  • LoRa Gateway (LoRaWAN Private)
  • Support 868/915Mhz
  • Cat. 4 LTE
  • 9~36VDC Power Input

Wzzard LRPv2

  • Modbus RS485
  • 4AI/2DI/1DO
  • Power by battery
  • Wide Temp: -40~+75℃
  • IP66

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