Node-RED Training for SmartSwarm Asset Integration Gateway

SmartSwarm 341/342 offers flexible data acquisition, processing and hand-off via an inbuilt Node-RED user applications environment. Node-RED is a powerful, yet simple to use, applications programming environment optimized for processing data streams. Users drag and drop function nodes to acquire, process and output data, via an internal web server interface provided by the SmartSwarm 341/342. Crucially, the Node-RED environment is containerized, meaning that any user error made in programming cannot crash the gateway, which will remain connected and available for remote management in order to correct the error without the expense of a site visit.

In addition to offering local data processing, the Node-RED environment is also able to create and serve local dashboards, providing a mechanism to serve summary data to engineers, managers or operational staff. Learn more with the video training series below:

Node-RED Video Training

Getting Started With Node-RED SmartSwarm 341 – Training Series 1

Node-RED Dashboard Primer SmartSwarm 341/342 – Training Series 2

Node-RED Split Data By Device SmartSwarm 341/342 – Training Series 3

Node-RED Asset IDs vs Device IDs SmartSwarm 341/342 – Training Series 4