Wzzard Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit

Wireless Mesh Sensing for Commercial Applications

Monitor Performance of Your Refrigeration System

Maintaining proper temperature for food and pharmaceuticals is essential for ensuring quality and preventing expensive losses. Adding a remote wireless monitoring system to your refrigerators and freezers provides real-time visibility into the status of the goods you are trying to protect. Instant alerts via e-mail or text of any out-of-range temperature or a door left open can mean saving goods that would otherwise spoil.

The Wzzard Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit provides a non-intrusive, easily-installed solution for monitoring internal and external temperature, door open/closed and current draw on refrigeration equipment without disrupting existing facility operations.

Why Wireless Mesh?

Prevent waste, maintain quality and prove regulatory compliance through data-driven refrigeration performance monitoring.

Get to know the Wireless Mesh Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit

Everything you need to prove your business case

The Wzzard Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit includes everything you need to monitor cooling chamber temperature and door open/close along with current consumption of the compressor and fan.

There’s no equipment downtime. Simply snap on the current clamps and temperature probe connected to the Wzzard mesh wireless sensor node and provide an Ethernet connection to the gateway.

  • Easily expand the starter kit system by adding additional Wzzard nodes and sensors to your existing gateway.
  • Fast deployment of proof-of-concept and pilots. Easy to scale to hundreds or thousands of inputs from one location or multiple locations.

Easy to Deploy

  • The Wzzard mesh wireless sensor node is battery-powered and is easily deployed – no need to install expensive or intrusive wiring.
  • Included high accuracy temperature sensor can be placed anywhere within the cooling chamber.
  • Clamp-on current transducers are easy to install without disrupting equipment. Simply clamp them over the hot power lead.
  • Wzzard’s 2.4 GHz wireless mesh technology continuously optimizes its channel selection to eliminate multipath interference, providing best-in-class reliability in difficult RF environments.
  • Simple, cloud-based configuration of the gateway makes it easy to deploy and manage one device or many.


  • Grow from monitoring one unit to many simply by adding more sensor nodes and making simple dashboard edits.
  • Or expand into a multi-site system integrated into your preferred software platform. The popular MQTT protocol and JSON data format make it easy to integrate into third-party software applications.
  • Use the built-in Node-RED to create and customize your own applications without any advanced programming skills.


Rugged & Reliable

  • Wzzard mesh wireless sensor node is rated for -20 to +70°C operating range, indoor commercial use – no external enclosure required.
  • Advanced Smartmesh IP wireless mesh protocol provides excellent point-to-point wireless reliability and becomes more resilient as more nodes are added to the system.

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