Wzzard Energy Monitoring Starter Kit

Lower energy costs through data-driven process optimization

Monitor Energy Use of Machines, Circuits & Processes

Today’s leading manufacturers and facilities managers have energy reduction programs in place to reduce input costs and improve their environmental footprint. But often they’re managing those programs with nothing more than a monthly utility bill and no insight into energy use or trends of their individual equipment, processes or circuits.

Installing individual energy meters into existing equipment provides tremendous data but carries a high cost of installation and is disruptive to ongoing operations.

The Wzzard Energy Monitoring Starter Kit provides a non-intrusive, easily installed solution for monitoring current consumption of your equipment, processes or panels without disrupting your existing operations.

  • Built in dashboard, data trendlines, email/SMS alerts and datalogging capability
  • Easily expand the Starter Kit system by adding additional Wzzard nodes and sensors to your existing gateway
  • Quickly deploy proof-of-concept and pilot projects in minutes, not weeks. Then scale to hundreds, or thousands, of inputs from one location or multiple locations.

Why Wzzard Mesh?

Reliably monitor current consumption to reduce energy costs

Rugged and reliable

IP67 indoor/outdoor rated (Wzzard node)

Easy Deployment

Built-in Node-RED™ software tool for easy deployment

Everything you need to prove your business case

The Wzzard Energy Monitoring Starter Kit includes everything you need to monitor current consumption of up to three inputs—one three-phase load or three unique loads. There’s no equipment downtime. Simply snap on the current clamps connected to the wireless Wzzard node and provide an Ethernet connection to the gateway.

  • Easily expand the Starter Kit system simply by adding additional Wzzard nodes and sensors to your existing gateway.
  • Fast deployment of Proof of Concept and Pilots. Easy to scale to hundreds or thousands of inputs from one location or multiple locations.

Easy to Deploy

The Wzzard Wireless Sensing node is battery powered and can be easily deployed without any special wiring, making installation fast and easy.

Clamp-on current tranducers are easy to install without disrupting equipment. Simply clamp them over the power lead supplying your equipment or panel

+ Wzzard’s 2.4GHz wireless mesh technology continuously optimizes it’s channel selection to eliminate multipath interference, providing best-in-class reliability in difficult RF environments

+ Simple cloud-based configuration of the gateway makes it easy to deploy and manage one device or many


+ Grow from monitoring one machine or circuit to many simply by adding sensor nodes and making simple dashboard edits. A single gateway can support up to 32 sensor nodes (96 sensor inputs).

+ Or expand into a multi-site system integrated into your preferred software platform.  The popular MQTT protocol and JSON data format makes it easy to integrate into 3rd party software applications

+ Use the built-in Node-RED to create and customize your own applications without any advanced programming skills.


+ Wzzard node is IP66, -40 to 80C, rated for indoor and outdoor use, no external enclosure required

+ Advanced Smartmesh IP wireless mesh protocol provides unmatched wireless reliability, and gets even more resilient as more nodes are added to the system

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