Commercial Wireless Sensing Solutions

Commercial Low-Power Wireless Sensing

Get the data you need to manage, improve and optimize operations

Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 models have the ability to monitor temperature, humidity and vibration, and can accommodate virtually any industry-standard external sensors. Connections can be made via M12 connector or conduit fitting. The nodes provide a wide variety of sensor interface options, including general purpose analog input, digital input/output and thermocouple.

Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 includes a light industrial model, ideal for commercial applications that don’t need a full rugged IP67 design. Industries that will realize this new benefit quickly are ones in which temperature monitoring is needed, such as refrigerator monitoring for temperature-controlled inventory. The new price point of the commercial application model also allows for quick and easy ROI.

Battery-powered sensor nodes eliminate costly wiring
  • Wzzard can reduce total installation costs by more than 60% compared to wired solutions
Self-forming, self-healing wireless mesh network provides wired-class reliability. 
  • Wzzard Wireless Mesh technology provides best in class reliability
Configuration and device management completed through an enhanced cloud device management tool
  • Included with the hardware purchase
  • Status information, diagnostic information, firmware updates and bulk operations
Gateway with built-in applications capability eliminates the need for software development
  • Web dashboards, email or SMS alerts, data logging, reports capabilities are built in
  • Powered by Node-RED, running in a protected Linux container inside the gateway to ensure reliability

Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 wireless sensor nodes can be configured to communicate data only when specified threshold or alert levels are exceeded. When reporting, they can associate useful information like geo-location, device name and uptime. This eliminates unnecessary network traffic, eases the processing burden on upstream resources and cuts the cost of cellular data plans when the gateway is using a cellular data network.

Wireless Sensing Starter Kits

Many opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce waste are never explored. Wzzard was developed to simplify the process of acquiring the data needed to make those improvements, without any disruption to existing systems. Learn how Wzzard Starter Kits can help you quickly prove your business case!

Energy Monitoring Starter Kit

Energy reduction programs require data. Installing traditional power monitoring equipment on legacy equipment or in existing facilities is expensive and intrusive, requiring specialized installation and power interruption to live equipment. The Wzzard Energy Monitoring Starter Kit makes it easy to monitor current consumption of individual machines or circuits, giving you the data you need to optimize processes and energy utilization.

HVAC/Compressor Monitoring Starter Kit

Cooling systems are often “teamed” with many cooling units working in tandem.  In many cases there are no management systems in place, making it impossible to detect performance problems until so many units fail that there is a loss of environmental control, causing problems ranging from dissatisfied facility tenants to loss of inventory or unscheduled shutdowns of production. The Wzzard HVAC/Compressor Monitoring Starter Kit makes it easy to see the run time, duty cycle, and output effectiveness of each unit, allowing you to maximize uptime and eliminate problems before they cause failures that impact your bottom line.

Frozen Food Distribution

Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit

Our low-power wireless sensing Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit provides a non-intrusive, easily-installed solution for monitoring internal and external temperature, door open/closed and current draw on refrigeration equipment without disrupting existing facility operations. Adding a remote wireless monitoring system to your refrigerators and freezers provides real-time visibility into the status of the goods you are trying to protect. Instant alerts via e-mail or text of any out-of-range temperature or a door left open can mean saving goods that would otherwise spoil.

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