Custom Engineering

Product development has always been at the core of B+B. With expertise in data communication technologies and protocol conversion, we have successfully delivered thousands of OEM and end-user application solutions including air traffic control, automotive control panels, yachting navigation systems, Wi-Fi video security, mining, and more.

Value Added Product

Product customization comes into play when standard products can’t get the job done. We call this Value-Added Product modification (VAP) and we have the capabilities to tailor solutions on a low-volume basis using our own teams of engineers and manufacturing resources.

Turnkey Services

  • Hardware and Software Engineering

  • Prototyping

  • Production

  • Testing

  • Documentation

Custom Design Available

Teaming in-house design engineering with on-site manufacturing, B+B can build the product needed for your unique application. Need a pin-out change or an extra LED? Because we engineer and manufacture in-house, these minor types of changes to B+B standard products can be done quickly and economically. Expand your product offering instantly – from a simple label change to a complete make-over with label, case color, documentation and packaging. We do this all the time for companies whose names you’d instantly recognize

Private Labeling Available

So if you’re asking questions like, “I wish this product also did that”, or “I’d rather this product look like one of ours”, or “I wish these products could be bundled, pre-wired and sent directly to my project site”, then it’s time to contact our Custom Engineering team.

Both our US and European manufacturing facilities are ISO9001:2008 certified to ensure a comprehensive quality control processes over component selection, testing procedures, production lines and packaging.

Featured Custom Solution

Smart Solutions Generated By Smart Products.

A product development success story for a temporary power installation.

A global supplier of temporary power generator installations needed a SCADA system to monitor and control diesel engine sets, generator & transformer I/O and serial fire safety systems. Some of the protocols used included AB-PLC, Modbus/TCP, and serial.

The Technology

  • NEMA rated enclosures
  • Modbus gateways
  • RS-485 DAQ modules
  • Relays
  • Ethernet unmanaged switches
  • Power supplies
  • Ethernet managed switches
  • IP67 Ethernet cables
  • Ethernet DAQ modules
  • IP67 pass-through receptacles
  • Ethernet serial servers

B+B provided two panel assemblies with industrial Ethernet serial servers converting serial devices to an Ethernet-based SCADA system and conversion to Modbus/TCP protocol.

Inside each transformer unit is a NEMA-rated panel kit with 2 RS-485 data acquisition modules for I/O, a Modbus Ethernet serial server, power supply, relays, wiring, etc.

Mounted outside each transformer unit, another NEMA panel houses an unmanaged Ethernet switch, power supply/battery charger, 2 12V batteries, plus connectors and Ethernet cable lengths. This panel is connected to each of the six generators and transformer sets and then connected back to the SCADA Master. IP67-rated Ethernet cables run between the transformer and generator units. IP67 Ethernet pass-through receptacles connect the cabling in and out of the panel enclosures.

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