Intelligent Gateways

How to immediately improve your business using the Industrial Internet of Things

Do you have already have automation systems for your factory assets and /or processes? Have you ever thought about what you could do with the information from those systems, especially if it was hooked up in real-time to business savvy employees or enterprise applications such as ERP, MRP, CRM, dashboards, supply chain management, etc?

This is what the Industrial Internet of things is trying to solve. More and more businesses are discovering that the key to making and saving more money is to unlocking the data they already capture from the factory floor, from their machinery and/or running assets linking operations data to IT systems. If they could only get that data to someone that understands the business, in real-time, they could then identify waste or missed opportunity at a significant scale. The result could be minor changes that result in big revenue.

SmartSwarm 351

Modbus Eavesdropper for IIoT Intelligence

Many solutions offered on the market for Operations data integration into Enterprise systems require the replacement of the Modbus master. SmartSwarm 351 is totally non-disruptive to the existing Modbus Network. Easily installed, SmartSwarm discovers the network, maps it, and transforms traditional data into enriched data for use by Enterprise systems. Triggers and events become actionable and data is shared with other applications.

SmartSwarm 341

Asset Integration Gateway for IIoT

Create your own analytics package for remote data management with SmartSwarm 341. SmartSwarm 341 uses Node-RED, a powerful, simple to use, applications programming environment to acquire, process and output data via our internal web server interface. With drag and drop function nodes; Node-RED is able to create and serve local dashboards, providing optimized summary data to engineers, managers and operational staff.

UNO-2000 Series

World’s Smallest Pre-Configured, Ruggedized Industrial Embedded Computer

Intelligence at the network edge sometimes requires more power than can be provided in a cellular router. Less than four inches long, Advantech’s new generation UNO-2000 series are highly ruggedized, fanless and modular in design. Powered by an Intel®Atom™ E3815 Processor with 4GB DDR3L onboard memory, and diverse system I/O; UNO serves process intense industrial applications.

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