Build Your Own App

B+B product engineering teams believe it is critical to support the broadest community of developers we can with the tools they are already comfortable using. Some customers want to use the router more as a Linux based application platform with as few development restrictions. Some are building Proof-of-Concept applications in RasPI that need to be ported to industrial hardware. To support a robust development environment, we have brought these tools into our platform to spark innovation.

At B+B Smartworx, we use a 100% open source Linux platform, one of the most proven customization platforms available. This allows for the creation of your own scripts so that you could fine tune your router to meet your unique application or monitoring requirements.

We recommend the use of Linux OS for development, but it is not a requirement. You can also use C, C++ , Java, Python or Node Red Building Blocks.

The router’s flash memory is reserved primarily for user modules and scripts, and it will not be overwritten by any firmware updates – which is an important aspect to consider when choosing a cellular router that allows custom scripting.

If you have an application that presents a lot of opportunity for simplification and equipment cost reduction, or you want to future proof your application with a router that has the ability to adapt with time and need, consider either SmartFlex or SmartStart routers.

Want to build your own Application?

Build Your Own App

Note: Be sure to consider the amount of CPU and memory available on the router, as this will have an impact on how many tailored applications you will be able to run simultaneously. Multiple application hosting is permissible.


Programming of User Modules

Application Note


Application Note


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