B+B SmartWorx Launches New Industrial Ethernet Extenders with Compact and PoE Options

Get the hardened reliability, innovative power and flexibility you need in an extended Ethernet network


Ottawa, IL – June 15, 2018 – Thanks to new Ethernet extenders from B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech, upgrading and implementing Ethernet networks with extended distance and upgraded power capability is no longer a labor intensive, time-consuming and expensive project.

B+B SmartWorx has released several new Ethernet Extender models. The most compact and affordable solution, EKI-1751-AE, utilizes copper wire to extend Ethernet beyond its 100 meter limitation. It allows users to upgrade to a more industrial design that not only extends the Ethernet network over copper wire, but also can extend the network over coaxial cable. New model EKI-1751I-AE includes ruggedized specifications for wide -40°C to 75°C temperature range, DIN rail mounting and dual 12 to 48VDC power inputs for redundancy.

Additionally, two more models have been released that include the capability to remotely power end devices by Power over Ethernet (PoE). Models EKI-1751PI-M-AE and EKI-1751-PI-R-AE have the same benefits of the industrial EKI-1751I-AE, but also include additional Ethernet ports so more devices can be connected at each end without adding Ethernet switches.

In addition to providing PoE power to end Ethernet devices, the master unit can also provide power to the remote extender by Power over VDSL (PoVDSL). PoVDSL help with cost savings as users don’t have to call an electrician out to run a new power circuit. With the PoE/PoVDSL combination, users can remotely power high-bandwidth devices without having to sacrifice budget.

All newly-released Ethernet extenders are simple to setup and deploy; a dip switch is used to configure features, such as unit selection for local or remote device and profile settings. Each extender is equipped with diagnostic LEDs that indicate power, speed, link and other activity status.

Ideal applications include: connecting remote IP cameras for surveillance applications; extending Ethernet to IP phones; connecting tanks for asset monitoring; or extending Ethernet for hard-to-reach power sub meters in retail applications.

For more information on the latest B+B SmartWorx Ethernet extender products, visit https://advantech-bb.com/


About B+B SmartWorx, Inc.

Founded in 1981, B+B SmartWorx (formerly B&B Electronics) designs and manufactures intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks. Specializing in intelligent connectivity at the “edge” of networks in remote and demanding environments, the company’s product solutions use Ethernet, serial, wireless, cellular and USB communication technologies. In 2016 B+B SmartWorx became part of Advantech, global provider of trusted and innovative products, services and solutions in industrial automation and embedded computing across diverse industries and applications. Together, Advantech and B+B SmartWorx work to enable an intelligent planet.

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