Oilfield Fluid Monitoring with LTE Technology

The Challenge

Oilfield production sites, with their uniform tanks and neat rows of piping, look deceptively simple. Within and beneath these systems there is an incredibly dynamic chemical environment which, if un-checked, will quickly lead to premature equipment wear, lost productivity, and potentially lethal poisonous gas.

Until recently, fixed rate or “one size fits all” chemical application methods have been used to address oilfield fluids with fluctuating chemistries, which negatively impacts well production and equipment longevity.

The Solution

By integrating on-site monitoring and data collection and cloud-based analytics within a robust hardware package, ReStream’s ProStream Production Monitoring Platform automates the chemical application process based on what is happening at each site.

The on-site monitoring and precision chemical dosing relies on a rock-solid network connection, which is why ReStream relies on B+B SmartWorx LTE routers for the link between remote ProStream systems and cloud application. The SmartStart’s on-board Wi-Fi radio provides a local connection for on-site technicians and in some cases, an access point for monitoring equipment spread throughout a well site.

With a reliable LTE connection from B+B SmartWorx, ReStream delivers on its commitment to gather more data, identify more problems, and offer more solutions.

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