Intelligent Security Systems at the Network Edge

The Challenge

Employing onsite security officers to oversee equipment and infrastructure in remote, vulnerable, or temporary locations like construction sites becomes increasingly expensive over time.

The Solution

Together, B+B SmartWorx and Quatro Electronics have developed a cost-effective, intelligent alternative: the portable Quatro SmartTower. Winner of the Security Products “Govies” (Government Security) award, the SmartTower provides video surveillance, two-way audio communications and alarms, even in locations where core utilities are not yet available. It is wireless, and can operate on AC power, wind, solar, or hydrogen fuel cells, which will last for up to three months without recharging. It will integrate and communicate with existing security systems and security control centers, extending their reach virtually anywhere.

The SmartTower monitors a site with wireless CCTV cameras that remote operates can pan, tilt and zoom, with 30x optical zoom and infrared. It connects to an array of wireless sensors that detect any activity in the area. It can automatically deter intruders with a 96db siren, bright lights and pre-recorded warnings. If necessary, remote operators can even up the ante and challenge intruders in real time, speaking to them directly using VoIP.

About the Hardware and Software

Secure Internet connectivity is provided by B+B SmartWorx cellular routers, which create a local network for the cameras, VoIP, wireless sensors, alarms and additional equipment. The B+B SmartWorx router gives remote operators complete control over all of their security tools. It can also be configured with custom scripts to support custom functions. Users may develop these with Linux, C, C++ or the Python language, although Linux is recommended. B+B SmartWorx also provides a downloadable library of these scripts and user modules, like our Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU module, which allows Modbus RTU data to flow over TCP/IP networks.

The cellular networks are not proprietary, of course, so B+B SmartWorx simplifies VPN tunneling with our SmartCluster VPN server. Smartworx Hub™, our device configuration, diagnostics & management platform, lets users manage and configure any or all of their B+B SmartWorx routers from a single location. It displays your entire device population right on your desktop.

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