High-Power PoE Solutions for Harsh Industrial Networking Environments

Industry Application: Transport Hub
Industry Sector: Transportation


The Challenge

To strengthen security at one of the UAE’s biggest marine ports, this customer required an intelligent video surveillance system to monitor on-site personnel and cargo. Major considerations were the size of the property, which requires more than 500 PTZ cameras for surveillance, and Dubai’s tropical desert climate, meaning that the customer needed ruggedized managed switches with advanced features and management capabilities so that they could operate in outdoor environments under extreme temperature conditions. A legacy point-to-point connection was not viable because it would require more cable wiring and electrical outlets, hence, adding more cost to the camera installation. Thus, the customer sought an alternative networking solution that would both simplify the installation of the 500+ PTZ cameras while keeping the cost at the minimum.
  • PoE+ solution, providing up to 30 W for high-powered PTZ cameras
  • High durability and endurance to protect against weather conditions and environmental hazards at the marine port
  • Easy configuration and rapid deployment
  • Centralized management software for monitoring network connections and performance

The Solution


  • EKI-7710G-2CPI: DIN rail layer 2 fast Ethernet switch, 8GE + 2G combo RJ-45/SFP ports with PoE+
  • EKI-7712G-4FPI: DIN rail layer 2 fast Ethernet switch, 8GE + 4G SFP ports with PoE+
  • WebAccess/NMS: Network management software
  • SFP-GLX-LCI-10E: Gigabit SFP module, single-mode (10 km), extended operating temperature
  • SFP-GLX-LCI-20E: Gigabit SFP module, single-mode (20 km), extended operating temperature

Advantech B+B SmartWorx’s industrial-grade EKI-7000 series of switches were selected because of their PoE+ feature, reliable performance in harsh environmental and weather conditions, and advanced features.

Each EKI-7710G-2CPI provides power and serves 4~8 cameras per zone

Each EKI-7712G-4FPI serves 4~8 cameras per zone, has 4 SFP ports, and can connect 2 redundant rings into a group

WebAccess/NMS monitors the health of network connections; if there is a connection problem, the software can alert the customer via email or SMS with the information on the location and recommended resolution procedures